Removable partial dentures consist of a retainer-like appliance with one or more prosthetic teeth. They are typically used to replace missing front teeth. They may have clasps to hold them in place around your existing teeth.

Partial dentures are usually used as temporary teeth replacements prior to receiving a dental implant or other restorative treatment. Some patients choose to wear partials indefinitely, however, as they are a low-cost appliance and are lightweight and an easy adjustment.

Some benefits of partial dentures include:

Partial dentures are usually made of acrylic and should be cleaned nightly. You can clean your partial by scrubbing it gently with water or toothpaste and soaking the appliance overnight with an antifungal or antibacterial denture tablet. When you visit our dentist for your regular appointments, we will check your partial to ensure that it fits properly and is continuing to function correctly.

Please call our office if you have questions about partials or wish to make an appointment with our dentist. We look forward to helping you regain your beautiful smile!