If you’re looking for a beautiful new smile, call our office manager, Marcy, at (972) 954-5331 today to plan your appointment with our dentist and learn more about dentures in Frisco, Texas. We look forward to seeing you at Dental Spa Of Texas for a visit with Dr. Rachel Azinge.

If you are missing multiple teeth, we have a solution that may be perfect for you! Dentures are removable oral appliances that can effectively replace a few missing teeth or even an entire arch. Dentures can restore function, beauty and health, allowing you to eat and speak comfortably and normally.

We offer two kinds of dentures at our practice:
• Complete dentures: A complete set of dentures is designed to replace an entire arch of teeth. Dr. Azinge may suggest complete dentures to replace all of your teeth in one or both arches depending on the condition of your oral health. A denture adhesive can be used for improved stability.
• Partial dentures: This type of dentures can be used if you are missing multiple teeth but still have natural teeth remaining. Partial dentures can replace your missing teeth and fit over your natural teeth with a framework that clasps on for a secure fit.

You do not have to live with an incomplete smile any longer! Dr. Azinge and our team would be pleased to provide you with dentures that will restore your confidence in your smile and allow you to eat and speak with ease again. We will ensure that your dentures will match your facial aesthetic for the most natural appearance. Schedule a consultation with us by calling our office manager, Marcy!