To create a more aesthetic restoration, our dentist and team provide composite dental fillings in Frisco, Texas. Call Dental Spa Of Texas at (972) 377-8177 to speak with our office manager, Marcy, if you have any questions and want to learn more about mercury-free dentistry. We hope to see you soon for a visit with Dr. Rachel Azinge about restoring your smile.

Silver amalgam used to be the material of choice for dental fillings. However, this material contained mercury, which posed a serious hazard for a patient’s oral health. At our office, Dr. Azinge and our team uphold our commitment to the health of our patients by using only composite dental fillings. The composite materials used in the dental fillings we provide contain no mercury, making them much safer. They can also be customized to match the shade of the tooth, resulting in a natural-looking appearance.
fillingBenefits of composite dental fillings are:

  • Material that bonds to your tooth and supports its structure
  • Reduced risk of the tooth breaking after treatment
  • Insulation from temperature sensitivity caused by food or drink
  • Strong seals around the damaged portion of the tooth, preventing decay or leaks
  • The ability to repair small cavities that amalgam fillings cannot repair
  • Easy repair and replacement if the dental filling requires it in the future
  • Absence of mercury or other metals, allowing for a safer treatment that promotes improved oral health

If Dr. Azinge determines that a dental filling is the best option for repairing your tooth, we will ensure that your filling is applied properly and blends in with the natural appearance of your smile. A dental filling treatment can usually be completed in a single appointment, and you will be able to eat and speak normally afterward. If you are experiencing any problems with your teeth, schedule an appointment with us to see if a composite dental filling may be what you need. We are dedicated to keeping your smile in excellent condition!