SnoreAt Dental Spa Of Texas, we want our patients to have the best night’s sleep possible. To help with this, Dr. Rachel Azinge offers quality snoring treatment in Frisco, Texas. If you want to wake up rested again, call our office manager, Marcy, at (972) 377-8177 today and arrange a visit with our dentist today!

Dr. Azinge and our team understand that many people (and their significant others) lose sleep because of snoring. The cause of snoring is generally obstructions in the airway, like large tonsils, the tongue rolling back in the throat or collapsing tissues in the throat. During sleep, these muscles relax, which may cause the upper airway to narrow. This in turn causes snoring.

Dr. Azinge may recommend snoring treatment to help you and your loved ones get more restful sleep. Our most commonly utilized treatment for snoring is oral appliance therapy. An oral appliance will be custom made specifically for you. Wear the appliance during sleep. The snoring appliance prevents the tongue from rolling back or holds your jaw in position to prevent the airways from narrowing or collapsing. When we create your custom snoring appliance, we will make sure that it fits comfortably and will be effective at minimizing snoring.

We invite you to contact our office manager, Marcy, today to learn more and to book an appointment.