Dr. Rachel Azinge and our team members can maintain your smile’s health with dental cleanings and exams in Frisco, Texas. Call our office manager at Dental Spa Of Texas, Marcy, at (972) 954-5331 and schedule a visit with our dentist to learn more!

Dental cleanings and exams are very basic treatments and yet are of supreme importance. Dental cleanings and exams are vital for the whole family, and our team can make these visits fun for your children. The earlier a child is brought to the dentist, the better they can learn about maintaining their oral health through consistent dental hygiene and good dental habits. We care about the dental health of your family. Dr. Azinge recommends bringing your child in to our office when they turn 6 months old.

When you or your child visits our office for a checkup, the teeth will be thoroughly, professionally cleaned. Dr. Azinge will then examine the teeth so that any dental issues can be detected and treated early on. During this appointment, Dr. Azinge and our team will:

  • Remove plaque and tartar (which can cause tooth decay and gum disease) from the teeth
  • Floss and polish the teeth
  • Examine the oral cavity for decay, disease and other damaging dental conditions

Dental X-rays may be used to get an even closer look at the smile. Dental cleanings and exams are crucial for preserving ideal oral health, preventing tooth decay and gum disease, and ensuring that any dental issues are addressed as soon as possible.

Dr. Azinge recommends that you and your family visit our office for a checkup at least every six months. If needed, more frequent appointments will be recommended. We also urge you to contact us if you or your child experience a dental emergency or pain. To book an appointment, please contact our office manager, Marcy.