What is a Dental Spa?

Posted on: November 20, 2018

A spa is a great spot for most people. The dentist’s office? That is a different story. Resting under a beam of intense light, feeling needles poking your gums and keeping the mouth open for drilling is not the typical idea of a good time.

The truth is a significant number of people deal with serious dental anxiety, so they shun the dentist’s office entirely. To reduce fear, many dentists are adopting some spa amenities that promote relaxation. For example, they have calm music, pacifying blankets waterfalls. These help to build a better and easy connection with patients. These offices have now become known as dental spas.

These offices sometimes offer patients a massage for their feet, hands or neck at no extra charge. You can expect to find the area adorned with pleasant sounds and aromatherapy candles. You will see patients sitting in a chair under a warm blanket and enjoying the comfort and care offered by the dentist.

Do not forget the coffee, tea, juices and bottled water at your beck and call while waiting for your consultation. Once the appointment is finished, you can enjoy a smoothie or milkshake.

The primary aim is comfort

Maybe you will not find all those luxuries in every spa, but all dental spas have comforting provisions. To help you relax, you may find freshly baked cookies, TVs, massage chairs in the waiting lounge and a juice or cappuccino bar. Walk into the treatment room, and you will find pillows, blankets, alluring lemon-spiced towels and headphones to keep you at ease. The staff will do their best to make your visit pleasant and memorable.

Dental spas try to connect with your five senses using scented candles, serene music, soothing colors and pleasant views. In some instances, you may find services provided by medical spas, especially injectables and fillers such as Dysport, Botox, Perlane and Juvederm. Since dentists already use injections, it is not far-fetched to adopt these services to their practice. Some even affect your smile, such as the application of Botox to correct a “gummy” smile.

The environment may remind you of a regular spa with fresh flowers, mild flickering candles and soft low lights. Patients enjoy heated neck wraps imbued with cinnamon and eucalyptus and a hot cup of tea. Every exam chair has massage pads, and you can even have soothing herbal eyelid pads as you rest in the dental chair.

Is a dental spa for you?

A dental spa usually has amenities similar to a regular spa and a more calming environment than the regular dental office. If you have a dental phobia that stops you from visiting the dentist, then you would find dental spas much more convenient.

That said, remember that these services also come with a higher price tag. Morover, no matter how peaceful a dental office appears, you should check the dentist’s references and quality of care.

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